Creston Valley, You Rock!

By Mel Joy

How fortunate are we that we live in the beautiful little valley that we do. When times get tough in the world, I am always so grateful to live in a small town, surrounded by many caring people, and a community that goes out of its way to support those within it. The views are pretty spectacular too!

As a small business owner, I would like to thank you, Creston Valley, for your support, for your caring, for your ability to be accepting of the needs of others. Throughout our closure, I saw many different people reaching out to help others. People who put their own worries and fears second to making sure that others were being taken care of. Some of these people were part of wonderful organizations already set up to help and others took the task on and developed new processes to reach out. 

In a time where small businesses had to close their doors and many had to face their fears of closure and/or losing an income that often supports a family, the majority of the residents of Creston were wonderful as they reached out with kind comments on Facebook, supported others through emails and phone calls, and made sure to support those local businesses that had to stay open as they were deemed essential services.

And Creston! Your gardens and flowers and yards! They look fantastic, the vibrancy of the colours and the care and time that has been taken to plant bigger and better gardens perks up the entire town. As people turned to the outdoors, to renovations previously procrastinated but now completed, and to a general clean up of houses and yards, the attention these all gather as eyes turn outwards has been astounding.

As we move forward, thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we try our hardest to keep you healthy as well as ourselves. Thank you for supporting your local stores as much as you can with purchases, kind words, and accepting that everyone is wandering through this time to the best of their own abilities.